Galvanized and Galvalume thin precision steel plate
Galvanized and Galvalume thin precision steel plate
productions are mainly used in construction,light
industry,automobile,agriculture, livestock and fishery,
commercial industries etc.This product is conducive to deep processing, economical and practical with special features such as strong corrosion resistance,good
surface quality.

Anti-fingerprint printing and embossing
color coating thin precision steel plate
Anti-fingerprint printing and embossing color coating
thin precision steel plate is a composite coating plate
which is Anti-fingerprinted the surface of galvanized
sheet. It is widely used in household appliances,
automobile manufacturing,high-grade decoration and
other industries, and Anti-fingerprint-resistant color
coated sheet is the model of new top-grade materials in various industries.

Fluorocarbon coated thin precision
steel plate
Fluorocarbon coated thin-type precision steel plate is a kind of network-structure-coating precision thin
steel which is cross-linked by fluoroalkane-modified
acrylates and monomers.Its coating is dense with low surface tension.  This kind of product has the
characters---anti-fouling, not easy dust-retention,
fire and water resistant, antifriction,acid and alkali
resistance,impact resistance, resistance to ultraviolet
light,weather-proof and so on.

Committed to creating material supplier of excellent quality thin plate
Since founded in 2003,ZENDA is keeping continuous progress.
During many years of entrepreneurial process, ZENDA People
always adhere to build the connotative enterprise full of life with
the management idea"honesty, innovation,practicability and
win-win", and strive to practice the enterprise spirit"intelligence makes excellence, integrity wins all".Presently the enterprise unique
charisma and cohesion are formed.

We are deeply grateful to all friends who give ZENDA trust, care
and support for years and thankful to all the company colleagues with the same common ideal and developing together. Thanks to everyone's support and love,ZENDA has got today's achievement!

ZENDA People will comply with"one belt,one road" international
trade relations in new era, carry forward the "Silk Road spirit",
believe mutually and win-win.Regarding the value"integrity,
self-confidence,mutual confidence, prestige" as the guidance, we are committed to creating the material supplier of thin steel sheet with excellent quality.

Packaging logistics international
integration services
Professional logistics management system can provide the customers with integrated
service with producing, packaging, warehousing, shipping and others.We specialized in
the import and export of thin precision metal sheet and its products, machinery and
equipment.The main trading partners are from Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South
America, more than 30 regions and countries.

Professional overseas trade
service team

ZENDA has established a series of professional overseas negotiation,operation,
cooperation and trade team, whose service covers Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, the
Middle East and other regions.Superior service team and the most professional trade
cooperation environment especially designed for customers lay the massy foundation
for our trade cooperation.

Service customers

Excellent quality
and intelligence

Win-win through

Industry benchmark
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ZENDA Co., Ltd.is a modern enterprise which
focuses on R & D,production,trade of thin
precision metal sheet in one.Founded in 2003,
the Group Company has Zhengda Steel Plate,
Zhengda Galvanized,Zhengda Storage,Zhengda Logistics,Zhengda Trade Company. Our products are well-sold in Asia,Europe,Africa,North and
South America and more than 30 countries and
regions. More than 8 branches are set up at
home and abroad.

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