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Fluorocarbon coated thin precision steel plate

Fluorocarbon coated thin-type precision steel plate is a kind of network-structure-coating precision thin steel which is cross-linked by fluoroalkane-modified acrylates and monomers.Its coating is dense with low surface tension.  This kind of product has the characters---anti-fouling, not easy dust-retention,fire and water resistant, antifriction,acid and alkali resistance,impact resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light,weather-proof and so on.

Galvanized and Galvalume color coated thin precision steel plate

Based on the cold-rolled strip on a continuous unit,galvanized or galvalume steel strip,color coated thin precision steel plate is painted one or more layers of liquid paint by roller coating after the surface pretreatment,then it is baked and cooled.Color coated steel plate is painted on the surface with an organic coating. It has the advantages such as beautiful appearance, wonderful color, high strength, good corrosion resistance, processing and molding easily etc.Meanwhile it also makes the users reduce costs,reduce pollution.

Anti-fingerprint printing and embossing color coating thin precision steel plate
On the basis of coating plate and anti-fingerprint plate,thin precision steel plate is formed after embossing simulation of grain,.Widely used in the external walls,decoration,household appliances and other industries, it has the features with bright color,the right cost,easy processing and so on. Resistance dirty and anti-corrosion are an ideal and indispensable material for modern decoration and industrial manufacturing.

Fingerprint color coating and printing thin precision steel plate

The fingerprint-resistant plate is a composite coating plate which is obtained after the fingerprint-resistant treatment on the surface of the galvanized sheet.Fingerprint color coated plate is widely used in household appliances,automobile manufacturing,high-grade decoration and other industries, and fingerprint-resistant color coated thin sheet is the model of middle-grade and high-grade new materials in the application of different industries.

Galvanized and Galvalume thin precision steel plate
With strong corrosion resistance, good surface quality, easy deep processing and economical and practical characteristics,Galvanized and Galvalume thin precision steel plate is mainly used in construction,light industry,automobile,agriculture, livestock and fishery,commercial industries etc.

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